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Have we all just given up?
September 9, 2008, 1:34 am
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Have we as consumers given up on getting what we pay for?  I have to think we have or companies, large or small, wouldn’t so blatantly take advantage of us.  Case in point:  I purchased (at a high cost) a CCNP lab  from IOS Inc. run by Scott Mann (who identifies himself as CCIE 9384) out of Sioux City, IA.  After exchanging a few emails to get the order just right, I paid him through PayPal.  It took a little over a month to get the equipment despite the owner’s claim that the gear will ship within the week of payment.  Of course it wasn’t his company’s fault; no, it was that the inventory he had to buy was shipped to different locations, “more than once.”  Had to buy?  How can you sell what you don’t own?  And of course, only after I went to cancel the order did IOS Inc. send me my stuff.

The fun hasn’t stopped there, though.  Now that the gear is here and I’m ready to start using it…yep, bad parts.  Not only were some of the parts missing but one of the pieces was inoperable.  Three weeks pass, several emails are exchanged and here comes yet another box…that is malfunctioning.  To be above board about this, I’m sending to IOS Inc. snapshots of what the network gear is doing.  Does that help?  No, because apparently the gear is lying.  So Scott makes me one last offer: send back the two malfunctioning boxes and “I’ll refund the cost” of one.  As you might guess, yes, I’m still awaiting the refund (which is very small compared to the money I originally paid).

I should’ve known, right?  Well, with the 90 day warranty (I still haven’t exhausted) and the fact it went through PayPayl, I reasonably thought I had “some” protection.  But apparently since we as consumers no longer care to stand up and say Enough is Enough! the pendulum has swurng towards the side where outright fraud is no longer a concern.  And of course the credit card companies don’t care – they’ll just charge fraud off to the paying cardholders.